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Interplast Super Strength RC: HDPE Pressure Pipes *NEW*

Interplast offers a NEW range of PE100 pipes, The Interplast Super Strength RC pipes.

The new generation polyethylene pipes are produced solely with the new Borealis BorSafe© PE100 LS-H raw material.

This material is the newest development in PE100 and has additional characteristics that make the PE pipe perform better, saves on the installation cost and is still 100% compatible with the old PE100 pipes and fittings. This fully blue pipe is easily recognizable.

The extreme resistant against slow crack propagation, the low sag properties make the Interplast Super Strength RC pipe the “Best Water PE Pipe in Africa”.


Product Range

Interplast Super Strength RC pipe range consists of a wide assortment of pipes available in many diameters and different pressure classes. Interplast Super Strength RC pipe systems are available in outside diameter sizes ranging from 20 mm to 1000 mm. The small sizes up to Diameter 125mm are available on coils. Larger sizes are available in standard pipe lengths of 6 and 12 meter length or optimized for container transport in lengths of 5,8 and 11,8 meter. We also offer Long Lengths solutions of pipes up to 20M for projects in Ghana and selected West African countries where goods can be transported by road. The advantages of Interplast long length concept:

Fields of application

10 Reasons to choose Interplast Super Strength RC:

1. Toughness
     Resistance to external scratches and notches: no sand bedding required!

2. Flexibility
     Less fittings required, pipes can curve easily and smaller dimensions available on coils

3. Leak Tightness
     Fully homogeneous fused pipes system, end load resistant

4. Corrosion free
     PE does not rust nor corrode, better flow characteristics

5. All dimensions available
     For your complete network, from mains till house connections
6. Light weight
     Easy to handle, less need for heavy installation equipment and cheaper to transport

7. Usable for human consumption
     Suitable for potable water, material completely inert

8. Multiple installation techniques
     Relining, slip lining, pipe bursting and trenchless installation techniques: Interplast Super Strength      RC is the solution    

9. Environmentally friendly
     PE is fully recyclable, no interaction with the surrounding soil and low energy consumption and    emissions over the life cycle of the pipe

10. Innovative and Economical solution
       Saves on installation, saves on transport, saves on installation equipment, long lifetime and the   newest solution.



The jointing possibilities of Interplast Super Strength RC pressure pipes are the same as for normal PE100 (HDPE):
• Butt fusion
• Electrofusion
• Flanged connection
• Mechanical compression joints


Pipe system Fittings

Interplast offers her clients a complete range of fittings suitable to create a complete system solution.


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